Monday, November 17, 2014

Shop Local, Shop Handmade - It's a Perfect Day

Day three's feature artisan is It's A Perfect Day casual clothing company. Every day is perfect for something. It's a perfect day to laugh, to dance, to play, to love! What's your perfect day?

 Cinch Backpack (Grass)

The inspiration for Satya and Aimee Kommini's business came from a deep loss. They asked themselves how can we be happy despite the every day and unexpected circumstances that life brings? The answer was to do something they loved to do and to share that with others. Designing artwork for t-shirts was a natural fit. It was the way for them  to express their creativity and share it with the rest of the world. Their brand name fulfills the promise of finding happiness in every single day of life.

Free Spirit design
 Free like a bird, free like a butterfly, free like the gentle breeze that blows and makes the trees dance. Free spirited you are like the way nature intended you to be. Express that inner free spirit with this beautiful shirt that is an embodiment of you.

Yin-Yang design
 Yin-Yang, a philosophical concept of balance. A pair of opposites that complement each other and are in harmony. This beautiful tee has the words - peace, love, harmony, forgiveness and compassion emblazoned over a hand drawn Yin-Yang symbol.

Visit their website to browse their selection of  men's, women's and kids shirts and sweatshirts; head wear, bags and accessories. You can also follow them on Facebook

Remember, every day has something perfect to offer. It is up to us to find that and be grateful for whatever power that allows us to experience this wonderful world.

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