Wednesday, November 18, 2009

I recently took a beginning metal smithing class in Tacoma - what fun!  I created this copper dangle pendant. I am going to connect the parts and then hang a small bead from the bottom. The surface is more scratched than I would like, but hey it was my first try!

We drew out our design on contact paper, then stuck it on small squares of copper and brass. Next came sawing. I managed to get through my project without breaking my saw blade - a big accomplishment!  The next step was to sand all the edges smooth. Then we learned how to solder. I attached the brass decorations and a copper bail (thing to hang the pendant from) to the back. Then polishing. It only took all day :)

I came away with some new friends, a new lunch spot (hot dogs anyone!), a book, new techniques and a cool new tool. What better way to spend a Saturday.

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