Thursday, May 24, 2012

Highs and Lows and Waiting

Yesterday I sold one of my glass gardens and a matching pair of earrings to a woman in Illinois. Yipee!! A high.

Then late in the day I heard from my best show that I do every year - best in that I sell the most things and bring in the most money - that they wait-listed me this year. A low. For those not in the vendor biz - when you apply to a show there is usually some kind of jury process - you send in photos and descriptions of your things (usually limited to 3 photos) and one photo of your booth set up. Then you wait to hear if you were selected. And you hope if you don't get in that they let you know in time to apply to some other event. If they say no hopefully you have other options and you repeat the process with the next show.

Sometimes you get put in this limbo state of wait-list. That means they like your stuff, but don't have room for you unless someone cancels and you are an appropriate replacement. This goes right up until the date of the show.

When this is how you have chosen to make your living it can be a bit stressful! And getting into s show does not guarantee you will be successful. It is dependent on the weather, where your booth is located, the type of people who show up at the event, is it a pay weekend, etc. A total crap shoot as some would say.

So now I need to decide do I leave this big hole in my show schedule hoping I get called off the wait list - or do I move forward and commit to another show?? The one I am considering is clear over on the other side of the state. Their deadline is June 1 so I have to decide quick. And once you commit - your vendor fee is not usually refundable.  Then again - I do have a second booth setup, if I can find someone to do a second booth for me then I can cover all my bases.

Decisions, decisions, decisions.............

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