Sunday, April 24, 2016

Backdrop Part II

This time of year I spend time getting ready for outdoor shows. Going through my travel tubs, checking supplies and making or ordering things I need. As I talked about in part I, I also work on my displays.

 I made small wooden stands for bracelets and I inspect them for any nicks and digs. Those that are scratched get a new coat of black enamel spray paint.

Then it is on to busts. I inspect them for any stains, places in need of glue or other damage. I also check to be sure I have the number and sizes (small, medium, large) I need as things get disorganized after doing winter indoor shows. Then they get packed into 2 bags.

I carry a tool bag with me to every show. I empty it out and check to be sure everything is in working order and that I have everything I might need at an outdoor show. I package some of the smaller items in baggies so it is easier to find things in the bag. Tools, level (to make sure my tables are level), shims (for really uneven ground), tons of various sized bungees, stakes and metal plates for the tent in windy weather, white duct tape and blue painters tape, zip ties, shop towels (super absorbent), rope, duster and a few other assorted times. Many a time my booth neighbor has benefited from this collection!

I also check my lights. I have 2 systems, one for when I have access to free power and then a battery system for when there is no power or it is expensive. After several tweaks last year to my battery system I have a new 12 volt led setup. We tested it in the driveway at dusk. It will get is first real test drive the first weekend in May.

Outdoor shows here I come!

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