Friday, April 22, 2016

Featured Artist - Inky Quills LLC

The date for my annual spring studio show is fast approaching. During the next 3 weeks I will introduce you to the artists that will be participating.  First on the docket is Chris Parkinson with Inky Quills LLC. Why is a raven like a writing desk? Because they both have inky quills. 

Carnation Avocado Oil Soap
Carnation Avocado Oil
Inky Quills creates natural, eco-friendly, cold process soaps and skin care products. Their bar soaps come in a wide variety of scents and are formulated for even the most sensitive skin types. Their mission statement is to provide healthy, quality products to customers without severely impacting their pocketbook

Dark Chocolate Hempseed Oil Soap
Dark Chocolate Hempseed Oil
Inky Quills LLC has a great enthusiasm for the brilliance of human creativity, the glory of our natural world, and so much reverence for both that they pour their energy into the creation of handcrafted products that inspire and fulfill practical, healthy needs. 

Cucumber Basil Hempseed Oil Soap
Cucumber Basil Hempseed Oil
You can find their booth at the Port Orchard and Poulsbo Saturday farmers markets as well as the Bremerton Thursday market.And check out their website for many more fabulous scents! Follow them on Facebook for other events and happenings.

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