Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pretty as a Picture

I have a new camera and I have not had time yet to play with the white balance settings so the colors are a bit off in these photos. I am hoping once I have the settings figured out my pictures will be much improved.

These are some of the pieces I have created in the last two weeks. A few have already sold. The purple one sold less than a day after it was made and after only an hour in my booth! 

 Magic jasper with a amethyst crystal dangle, sterling tubes and dark purple glass beads. 
I will be making more of these. Update - these stones are now all gone.
 Sodalite, a crystal dangle, pewter and glass seed beads. 
This one also sold its first day out. 
 Picture jasper - such a beautiful stone. Mixed with agates and matte amber glass seed beads. SOLD.
 Picture jasper with an agate dangle and rose gold glass beads. SOLD
 One more picture jasper with a mix of coppery and brown glass seed beads. 
Copper accents. SOLD

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