Thursday, September 1, 2011

This weeks work

Another busy week in the studio. Agates, copper, glass. Take a peek!
All have been  SOLD

These have been selling like hotcakes. These are the last 3 square agates I have. 
I am trying to find more of these stones.
 A reddish agate with blue streaks hanging from matte black diamond and dove grey opal seed beads.
 A red and gold agate with rust and pale topaz seed beads. 
Another reddish agate with wisps of blue and gold hanging from smokey grey 
and shimmering grey seed beads.

The next 3 use LillyPilly pendants. The pendants are made out of shell that is etched using a CO2 laser. Very delicate and detailed.

The next three pictures are of necklaces and earrings that use hand blown glass beads. The earrings use Niobium wire - excellent for anyone with metal sensitivities.

When friends travel they often bring me back beads as souvenirs. These beauties are from Italy. They are glass flecked with copper. I used copper for the findings to bring out the warmth of the beads.

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