Monday, October 12, 2015

Stocking Up - Stone Pendants

My goodness I can not believe how long it has been since I did a blog post. Time to make up for that! I have started to rebuild my stock after the summer season so that I will have plenty to choose from for the reminder of my shows this year. Two new items this year that have been hot sellers are stone pendants and double drilled stone earrings.

Stone pendants came about after last winter when I had several folks ask if they could purchase the pendant off of an existing necklace. Unfortunately for these customers I design my necklaces in such a way that the pendant is an integral part of the necklace and not removable. So I experimented with making pendants on their own.

I have a small selection of silver plated chain or leather cord that I can provide, but most folks have necklaces of their own to hang these beauties from. The perfect solution if you do not want to invest in a whole necklace or want the option of varying the length. I try to select stones that have a lot of character and will really stand out.

Here are some recent examples:

 Turritella agate and freshwater pearl with pewter
  Turritella agate and freshwater pearl with copper
 Feldspar, two with smokey topaz, and pewter or gold plated brass
 Pietersite with agate and copper
 Chocolate jasper with copper
Green opal with copper or red creek jasper with pewter

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