Sunday, October 18, 2015

Tempest Stone – Stone of Change

Pietersite is not only beautiful by very powerful. It is found in Henan Province, China, and Namibia, South Africa. It is a variety of Quartz, composed naturally of Tiger's Eye, Hawk's Eye and Jasper, and is characterized by an incredible chatoyancy (cat's eye effect or optical reflectance effect) and brilliance of life within the stone. The most common Pietersite is gold but it is also rarely seen in red and even rarer is blue. 

Its highly charged energy is almost tangible. Just as lightning clears the air and makes all things new, Pietersite discharges negative energies and emotional turmoil, and cleanses the aura, restoring it to calm.

Pietersite is a powerful protection stone, especially against the elements. It calms nervous people and animals during storms, protects when driving in bad weather, and guards homes and businesses against storm damage. It also acts as a shield against the adverse effects of technology, particularly if you work long hours with a computer or live near a mobile phone mast

Healing ability: Stimulates the physical body, providing energy and strength, and is a nervous-system stone, useful for stimulating and strengthening the nerves and brain. It eases headaches, nervous diseases, breathing difficulties, stomach pain and dizziness. It also stimulates the pituitary gland, balancing the endocrine system and the production of hormones governing metabolism, blood pressure, growth, sex, and body temperature. Thought to ease eye infections, Pietersite is also reported by some users to improve long-distance focus and night vision

Mystical power: Helps us to weather rough and stormy periods of our life and to build new order out of chaos. Aligns energy centers while providing grounding. Dispels illusion and assisting in recognition of the beauty of the soul. Promotes loyalty to self and to the ultimate experience of life. Allows one to see beyond the horizon, helping to support human courage, tenacity, and dauntless effort to both create and maintain beauty. oosts self-esteem when worn consistently. It is especially empowering for creative people who lack confidence in their abilities.

An important tool in bringing pent-up, internalized feelings and conflicts to the surface, allowing the unsaid and unexamined to erupt in an emotional outpouring that not only clears the air, but begins the process of healing. An excellent ally for those who are stuck or unable to make progress. Helps to clear stagnant energies, habits and life patterns, and reveals new directions for one's life. It also lends the will to take action toward those new goals. It brings one to the source of their own inner guidance, and assists one in recognizing the truth or falsehood of others' words or actions. It promotes speaking out and exploring anything that may hinder access to one's own truth.

** This information is provided for curiosity only and is in no way meant to be medical advice.

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