Friday, October 16, 2015

Wow I Know that Person!

The last 10 years as I have focused full time on my craft I have made a whole new circle of artists friends and acquaintances. It has been fun to share in their accomplishments and successes. Some are small steps on the road to larger successes, like landing new wholesale accounts, awards, new designs, or having their best show of the year.

And then there are those really large ones that make you go wow, I know that person! The last month there have been several that I thought would be fun to share...... 

Susanna Tam, a fellow jeweler, was recently featured in this blog:
The author does a beautiful job of describing Susana's work. My favorite part of the description is "stylishly refined, powerfully feminine, exquisitely crafted".  Wouldn't we all like our work to be described that way! You an see more at Susanna's facebook page:


Another fellow jeweler, Margaret Aden of Original Sin, had her work featured as part of gift bags that were presented by the The Artisan Group to 2015 Emmy Nominees. The Artist Group is an exclusive premier marketing organization on a mission to introduce Hollywood to the best in handcrafted products. Membership in this exclusive group is by invitation only.

Andrea Adams of Beadmask creates the most amazing leather masks and crowns. She just shared pictures on her Facebok page of Olympic medalist figure skater Nicole Bobek, performing in a custom version of her Drusilla bat crown. How cool is that!!!

Congratulations to each of these artist for the recognition of their amazing work! 

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