Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Catch a ray of Sun

My newest version of suncatchers turned out nicely. So nice in fact that the gallery I took them to yesterday took all 20 of them (as well as a bunch of other things!). Thanks to Trina of Woven Chains for the gift of many of the smaller crystals in the hangers. You can see the suncatchers in person at Jigamagig Gallery in Gig Harbor.

 All have been  SOLD

Some sun would help make them sparkle.

Browns. The small moon and octagon are $18. The others are $25. The medium size teardrop is German crystal and the large teardrops are antique chandelier crystals. 
Ocean Blues.
This style is my favorite. German crystals.
Round German crystals. 
Royal Blue. Antique chandelier crystals.
Amethyst. Antique chandelier crystals.
I really like the small glass teardrops that decorate these German crystals. 

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