Sunday, August 24, 2014

Gallery Updates

I tackled another tedious job this weekend. Hard to do as I look out my office window and see the pretty blue sky and my weedy garden!

I have updated all of my photo galleries listed on the right side of my blog. The best way to view them when on a computer is to right click so they open in a separate window. On my Android phone I need to scroll down to the bottom and click on web version to see those same links. Not sure about an Iphone.  I have used Photobucket for years for this, but they have changed their format and I really dislike it. It is not user friendly so I apologize for that. Researching new options is on my to do list. If you have suggestions I would love to hear them! 

 One note, these are photos of my past work and most of these pieces have sold. Also, most of my work is one of a kind. I have been able to recreate something similar if I still the same stones, but since most stones are unique making an exact copy is difficult. If you see something you like please send me an email and we can go from there. Happy browsing!

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