Monday, August 11, 2014

New Work - Odds 'n Ends

First thing on my work bench was a necklace where the pendant was just not hanging right. So I did a quick re-do. The stone is Owyhee jasper from Oregon and it is mixed with copper and glass.

I pay attention to what my customers look at when they are in my booth. The blue necklace below actually had the brown and tan stone that is in the following picture on it. It ever got any attention. So I removed the brown and added a new fluorite pendant to it.  We will see if this is more popular.

 So now the brown and tan Owyhee jasper pendant needed a new home. 
I went with copper and a rich brown glass seed bead. SOLD

Next up were two Snakeskin jasper stones that had been sitting on a corner of my bench for months.  They both have streaks of a gray-blue in them so I picked a coordinating color glass seed bead to set that off. The pictures do not do the stones justice. Both have been SOLD.

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